Monday, May 6, 2013

BEYOND FACTS & FIGURES: A Survey and Exploration of Art Market Dynamics in Malaysia Today

After a short break of two weeks, we organised the second roundtable for Volume 3 : Infrastructures. The roundtable on the Malaysian art market was co-organised with MAPKL (Malaysian Art Platform) in Publika during the MAP Arts Festival 2013.

The Beyond Facts & Figures roundtable invited stakeholders to discuss their roles, practices, strategies and their impact on the art market, discuss and share knowledge and practices about the market; and to understand the mechanisms and infrastructure of the art market today, and how these have developed. Materials from the roundtable will be edited to form part of Narratives in Malaysian Art Volume 3: Infrastructures, while the full recordings and transcripts will be kept by MAP for their archive and further use.

We would like to thank the moderators, the panelists and the guests who took the Saturday afternoon to join us in this roundtable.


Kenny Teng, G13
Bayu Utomo Radjikin, HOM
Valentine Willie 
(formerly Valentine Willie Fine Art)

Lee Khai
Ng Seksan
Pakharuddin Sulaiman

Ahmad Zakii Anwar
Jalaini Abu Hassan
Phuan Thai Meng

The Art Media:
Rachel Jena, freelance art writer
Jason Tan, Editor, The B-Side
Liew Kian Yeap, publisher and editor, Art
   Malaysia magazine

New Art Market Platforms
Tuan Ramzi for 1MCAT
Sim Pojinn for Art Expo
Nani Kahar, MAPKL
Datuk Vincent Sim, Henry Butcher Art  

Prof Dr Krishna Gopal Rampal
Yoong Sin Min

Prof Dr Krishna Gopal Rampal having a friendly banter with the artist panelists - Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Jalaini Abu Hassan and Phuan Thai Meng.

 Ng Sek San makes a funny comment that got everyone in the room a little less serious.

 Rachel Jena making a comment on art writing in Malaysia.

 Ooi Kok Chuen giving a statement on the art market from a journalist's perspective.

 The first question from the guests to the panelists were made by Suryani Senja Alias.

Yoong Sin Min was moderating the second session as Dato Vincent Sim gives his comments.

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