Friday, July 6, 2012


Narratives in Malaysian Art Volume I: Imagining Identities/Naratif Seni Rupa Malaysia Jilid I: Menanggap Identiti is out tomorrow. In this episode of our YouTube series, we talk to some of the writers and other people who've worked so hard on this book.

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  1. Look forward to read this collection what inspiring topics For one, painters in the 1950s and 60s such as Hoessein Enas and Cheong Soo Pieng largely had a “romantic” and “idealised” vision of kampungs or coastal and agricultural scenes but did not go into a more “real” portrayal of the lives of the people. In some ways, these “exotic” depictions seemed to perpetuate a British colonial vision of an “exotic” tranquil rural life.
    Curious as to other ways their influence clings on to the psyche in art and architecture.
    Thanks for this big multi-faceted collection. Contact me on facebook with further updates. Thanks
    sharon anthony scholar of Arts, Histories and Empire