Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome to the Narratives in Malaysian Art site

The Editorial and Project team of Narratives in Malaysian Art (NMA) are proud to announce that we have raised to date RM340,000 towards the RM360,000 ideal budget for the publication. We would like to thank our sponsors, friends and supporters for helping us to realize this publication, which aims to bring together research, documentation and commentary on a vital aspect of Malaysia's cultural and intellectual life and heritage.

The NMA project was initiated in the early months of 2009, taking off with discussions among the five editors, our consultant editor TK Sabapathy, and several of the writers involved in the publication. On 5 December 2009, we launched the project with Talk the Walk: A Discussion on Narratives in Malaysian Art in KL, inviting members of the art community and general public to give feedback, and support our fundraising drive. We hope this site can continue as a forum, and invite your comments and any information you feel may be helpful as we carry out research for the publication.

After some deliberation we have decided on a four-volume format over a single heavy 'tome' for NMA, allowing for a more gradual process of research, writing, translating and editing, both more digestible and affordable for readers. Do see our Working Paper for more details. Volume I: Imagining Identities is now shaping up for publication in mid 2011. We'd like to say a big thank you to the contributing writers for their enthusiasm as we start on our journey.

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